“Intelligence Squared has done something rare in New York – create an event that people feel they must go to.”

- Fareed Zakaria

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The support of individuals and organizations makes our debates possible, with every contribution strengthening our mission to raise the level of public discourse.

Filling a genuine need for balanced, civil dialogue, Intelligence Squared U.S. serves as an antidote to the unedifying partisanship so pervasive in politics and media today. With 100 debates and counting, we have encouraged the public to “think twice” on the most crucial issues facing Americans.

Our commitment to the highest standards of programming—integrating radio, television, and digital media platforms—has allowed our debates to reach audiences far beyond the theaters in which they take place. Every debate is made available, free of charge, to millions of listeners and viewers across the country. We rely on contributions from individuals like you to make sure these debates remain a public resource.

Please help keep the debate going, and more importantly, help us keep it in the public square.

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